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Reviews of Dayworld (1985)

Review by bkedryna (2004-06-11)
This universe/world is an interesting idea, but not very feasible. It's clear the author tried very hard to find workarounds for all the obvious problems, but it's not enough for me - it's simply not workable.

That said, this is not a bad book. A little more on the detective/adventure side of the fence than typical sci-fi, but there are enough ideas and technologies to make it a decent book. The action is pretty good and addictive. The biggest problem was that everything, from the first page, was explained so thoroughly, as if it was geared toward below-average intelligence individuals. There is no mystery, no puzzles like with books by Vernor Vinge or Dan Simmons, just plain this-happened-and-here-is-why action. How can a detective book be without mystery? I don't know, but somehow the author managed it.

In one sentence, it's a decent futuristic book if you're bored or new to sci-fi, but don't pick it up if you want a deep, thought-provoking hard sci-fi.

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