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Reviews of Olympos (2005)

Review by bkedryna (2005-08-11)
I was eagerly awaiting this book because I felt like Ilium was just half a book and this was the other half. I wanted to finish the story, to understand what's going on.

In this, I did not succeed. I am still confused, still don't understand everything that's going on. Some things don't make much sense; others are never even explained.

Maybe this is how the author meant it to be, but that doesn't change the fact that this book does not satisfy to the fullest extent possible. It is still an excellent book, with some really good ideas and cutting-edge science few other sci-fi writers are capable of. If you read Illium and liked it even a little, you should get and read Olympos. But don't expect it to be as good as the Hyperion series.

Review by zieveraar (2005-08-01) Contains spoilers. View anyway.

The sequel to one of the best contemporary science fiction novels does not disappoint. The story is set a couple of months after the fight against the Greek Gods began, with neither side truly able to beat the other back. The Moravecs' technology is a great aid, but the Greek Gods are not defenseless at all, especially when they return to their oldest trick of them all, influencing both sides of the Greek part of the alliance and rekindling the original war.

But this is just a minor part in this thrilling book, most story lines are concluded in the end although perhaps not always completely.

Readers of Zelazny and Heinlein will perhaps find that Simmons seemingly 'borrowed' from "Lord of Light" and "Number of the Beast" to explain several things. Although its almost inevitable that a writer will 'use' ideas that others have already thought of, these two books are quite prominent.

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