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Reviews of Prayers for Rain (2000)

Review by michael a draper (2010-01-02)
In this dark, stand alone novel, Patrick Kenzie has lost some of his desire in his detective work. Angela Gennaro has left him to work in another firm and it's not the same without her.

He's hired by Karen Nichols, a sweet, young woman who wants help to stop a stalker from bothering her. She thinks the man also damaged her car.

Patrick and his friend, Bubba, scare off the attempted assailant and get Karen's insurance company to pay for the claim. They had claimed that Karen didn't pay her premium and the coverage had expired.

Somewhat later, Patrick gets a call from Karen to "Run something by him." He doesn't think it sounds urgent so doesn't get to return the call. Then he finds that she has committed suicide by jumping from a high rise building.

With a sense of guilt, Kenzie looks into Karen's life from the last time he had seen her. He uncovers a plot which looks as if someone set out to destroy Karen's life and her will to live. In a depressed state, Patrick calls Angela and she agrees to join him in the investigation to who would have done a crime of this nature.

Lehane has told an intriguing story detailing the depths to which someone might sink. Similar plots have been written but in this case, Lehane does the job well. The last portion of the story was particularly enjoyable. The characters of Patrick and Angela are always entertaining and they create a kind of give and take chemistry that makes them a special couple.

(This review refers to the 2000 version titled “Prayers for Rain”)

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