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Reviews of Fifth Elephant, the (1999)

Review by Lilliana (2003-03-12)
The Fifth Elephant is a novel about principles. The problem with them being which principles's daddy has the biggest stick. Venturing into the uncivilised land of Uberwald, the Ankh-Morpork delegation comprised of the odd assortment of a female dwarf, a troll with a really big stick, a clerck with really good eyesight and the aristocratic family of the sagatious Commander Vimes, are called upon to resolve the tangled skein of many people's principles, while Captain Colon is set loose upon the unsuspected city of Ankh-Morpork. One of the best mystery novels in a fantasy setting. Together with Feet of Clay, I think that these two can beat down Mistress Agatha anytime, anyplace! No Casablanca lines in this one though.

Review by kzytv4 (2003-03-08)
Part of the Watch series - Samuel Vimes is sent as a diplomat to meet with the dwarves, werewolves and vampires of Uberwald. There doesn't appear to be a specific topic of satire/parody as in some of his other novels, but there is a mystery to solve along the way. He's come a long way from the light comedy of The Colour of Magic - I like this Pterry better, I think.

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