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Reviews of In the Dark (1994)

Review by spiralcity (2013-06-22)
Richard Laymon writes with a sense of purpose, that purpose is to entertain. Although Mr. Laymon's prose at times may seem sophomoric and his characters may come across as a bit underdeveloped and even act outside their given stereotype, this author still some how manages to deliver pure pulp fun. There are those who read Laymon and are expecting a pure literary, high prose achievement, these folks are left feeling cheated and love to bash Richard Laymon, this is not the fault of the author. If you haven't done your research before reading a book you only have yourself to blame.

Richard Laymon's books are comparable to those great B-rated slasher films. If your not a fan of this particular genre, you may want to avoid Laymon's books, if you are a fan you will be extremely happy with the no holds barred, straight forward approach of this author. Laymon manages to keep the reader turning pages and that's what it's all about.

To sum it up; If you read horror for escapism and pure entertainment and are not concerned with reading high literature when reading a book in this genre, Laymon will not disappoint you. In The Dark isn't a perfect read nor even a well written read, but it is a well crafted story told by a great story teller. A bit of a double entendre.

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