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Reviews of Dracula (1897)

Review by thethomas (2010-04-21)
This book gets a 1. It made me shun away from all epistolary books. I mark it as one of the 5 or 6 worst books I've read. I really don't know what people enjoy about this book. It is slow, the story is almost non-existent, lacks suspense, character development, or any form of a climax. I read the book in a day or two and immediately hated it. It has been years, and I have never found a redeeming quality.

(This review refers to the 1897 version titled “Dracula”)

Review by harryhermionerw (2006-11-21)
My copy of Dracula is about 300 pages. I read the first 240 pages, and I loved it. It was great, it was fast, and it was overall a good read. I got to the last 60 pages, and it just dragged on and on and on. And I was very upset at all the sexist remarks. I nearly didn't finish it - it was very predictible, and I found it insulting with the sexist comments, which I realize that it's part of the time period it was set in, so I had to let that go. But I finished it, and mostly, it was a very good read.

Review by mrdude (2005-11-10)
Dracula by Bram Stoker is the story of count Dracula, a Transylvanian count who is discovered to be more that what he seems when solicitor pays him visit regrading his purchase of a house in London.

It is a little odd to read a book that has influenced so much culture and so many other stories that I have come in contact with. It makes one wonder what other peoples reactions where when the story was first published and how predictable the thought it was. To me it seems almost as though stoker is telling a story about something we all know much about. I doubt that he meant it as a surprise that the count was a vampire, there is so much foreshadowing and hints before the character is even introduced. Still, I think at the time it must have been a great deal more shocking. None the less t is quite well written and for the most part a timeless piece of literature.

One thing I found quite surprising in this novel was the way in which the story was presented. I am unsure what I envisioned but it was not what was presented. The story is a collection of journal entries, letters and newspaper clippings. The author does not stray from this format and in fact uses it to control how things are revealed. It is obviously written first person and past tense, but by sticking to this format, he is able to keep the reader in the dark, without having any narrator withhold any information. It is quite a brilliant technique and I haven't seen any other author use it so successfully.

Overall an extremely fun classic and although it does lack the terrifying bone chilling luster of some of today's horror, it is well worth the read.

(review also posted at the IBDoF)

Review by marcelobbf (2004-11-18)
Dracula has an curious way of telling the story by letters and diaries, witch catches the attention of the reader. The characteres are very complex and their actions and decisions are very believable, they were used as models in other vampire and beasts books. It seammed to me as a very fast book except for the end althoug I couldn't sleep without finishing it.

Review by Kidkarysma (2004-04-01)
I almost didn't read this book as it is over 100 yers old and 500 pages. As I am a fairly slow reader, 500 pages requires a good portion of my time. But I delved in hoping for the best.
I must say it was great until the last 100 pages and then it's slow and we all know what's going to happen. The first 400 pages took me like a week to read and the last 100 took another week by itself. Those first 400 pages are fabulous though. Worth the time and the read.

Review by Beaver (2003-05-14)
Dracula was a suprisingly good and suspenseful page turner. I liked the unique approach to telling the story - through journal entries, letters and such from the participants. Stoker used very descriptive, yet still readable and engaging prose. Dracula started off great, but kind of ended with a whimper. The last 100 pages or so were kind of slow, boring, over melodramatic, and annoyingly sexist. It was still definitely worth the read though. 8/10

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