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Reviews of Killing Floor (1997)

Review by michael a draper (2010-08-17)
Reacher matches the description of the suspect who shot a man the prior night. He's arrested for murder, shortly after arriving in Mangrove, Georgia.

As he waits in jail, he speaks to Capt. Finley, newly appointed chief investigator. During the conversation, Finley seems sympathetic while Reacher attempts to convince him of his innocence.

A cell phone is found by the body of the dead man. The phone belongs to Paul Hubble and when he is questioned, he cracks and confesses to the murger. However, Hubble was at a social event when the murder took place and could not be the killer.

Reacher uses the skills learned when he was with the Military Police and had been a homicide investigator. He has to figure out what is happening in this small town in Georgia. To do this, there are only two people he can trust, Capt. Finley and an attractive police officer named Roscoe, with whom he becomes romantically involved.

He learns that the scheme has something to do with finance. Reacher and his two allies must uncover the scheme and put a stop to it before Sunday when the Coast Guard will relax it's patrolling of the coast.

The characters are well portrayed. Reacher and the honest members of the police department are dedicated, brave and determined. The antagonists are arrogant, brutal and totally evil.

This is the kind of story that, when finished, the reader can sit back, breathe a sigh and congratulate the author for writing an exceptional novel.

(This review refers to the 1997 version titled “Killing Floor”)

Review by reacher (2009-04-05)
Its truly astounding how Lee Child could have written such a great book in his authoritorial debut. The enjoyment and suspense are unlike any book I have ever read or any film I have ever watched.

Jack Reacher is a total BAD A**. The entire series exemplifies the age old tale of an unsung hero who travels from place to place righting wrongs, helping the innocent and punishing evil; Reacher style, while entertaining certain lady friends he meets along the way.

After he visits Margrave Georgia, he gets arrested for a murder he did not committ, and before long realizes that nothing is as it seems in this seemingly perfect little town. The battles that he fights with the ruthless leaders of the town are second to none.

And once Reacher notices something wrong, he does not stop until he finds the truth, and repremands the guilty. This comes easy to Reacher, who was the best Military Policeman the Army or any other branch of military has ever seen. And he is unrivaled in gunmanship, weaponry, and hand to hand combat. Plain and simple; you cross Raecher, you pay the price.

I have read all 12 books in the series and this one was the best in my opinion, but they are all great. I can't recommend them enough

(This review refers to the 1997 version titled “Killing Floor”)

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