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Reviews of Transit (1992)

Review by johnafair (2006-02-10)
Although it rarely takes the Doctor long to get into some sort of trouble, this time out must set some sort of world record. Barely have he and Benny had the chance to leave the TARDIS before something comes smashing down the tunnel behind them leaving the TARDIS buried deep in the rockface behind them.

It's the mid 21st century and humanity has spread to all the worlds of the solar system, where they're linked together by a mass transit vesrion of the transmat system occasionally seen in earlier incarnations' adventures. As the Doctor struggles to regain his equilibrium, Benny goes wandering off on her own and soon finds trouble of her own as she's caught up in the riots iin Pluto's slumtowns. The Doctor finds himself travelling the Transit lines down to Luna where he's taken in by a group of university students. It's here that he meets a young woman with an awfully familiar last name, who becomes his protector and guide in the increasingly confused world of the Transit System as the most virulent computer virus in Humanity's history (so far!) attempts to rewrite anyone it can catch riding the system.

With Benny having her own agenda, the Doctor and Kaidatsu Lethbridge-Stewart enlsit the help of the Transit tunnel's top repair team in order to counter the infection.

We get to see quite a different type of Earth and the other planets, with each ethnicity having quite a bit of solar real estate in it's own image, but with the poorer European members being limited to the far outer planets - still only a few crdits ride away from the richer inner planets. This was written fairly soon after John Major's Conservative government had committed itself to the back to basics policy that was to so badly misfire for him, and Major's espousal of some of those policies such as 'old ladies riding their bicycles down country lanes and cricket on the village green' were gleefully subverted...

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