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Reviews of Reaper Man (1991)

Review by wwwwolf (2005-04-05)
I had previously only read Pratchett's _Mort_ and _Wyrd Sisters_, and maybe at that time, a thought started to grow in my mind - maybe Pratchett was just plain overrated. (In retrospect, some of the early Discworld books just simply aren't that interesting.)

But then came _Reaper Man_, simply blew me away, and I doubted no more.

Reaper Man is, simply put, one of the best fantasy books I've read. Above all, it's funny, it has characters you just simply have to like - but it definitely stands out even without the humor and overall niceness. It has interesting twists and turns and stuff to keep me thinking. Drama, magic, wizards, zombies, werewolves, just everything you need. And I always think the end is just touching...

Review by wombat (2004-12-04)
Very funny! There is nothing like a funny book that deals with death (In an entirely unrealistic manner, of course- this IS a discworld book)to make you less scared of the idea of dying in general.

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