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Reviews of Guards! Guards! (1989)

Review by archimedes (2007-11-06)
Hmm. I wonder exactly how broadly the term "spoiler" is understood...

This book sees the beginning of the larger police force of Ankh-Morpork that one finds in the majority of the (Discworld) books. More importantly, we are introduced to the institution of Lady Vimes.

Lady Vimes is modeled on rather a fascinating 'type' of British aristocrat, made famous by such authors as Wodehouse. The lady in question is one of the most endearing examples of the type, I must say, and almost the only example to be found in Discworld. The development of what I shall call for the lack of a better word, the romance between Vimes and Lady Sybil is pure delight, as is the account of how she charms the rest of the Guards.

Finally, we get introduced to the character of Carrot, a character one cannot appreciate properly until one reads this introduction.

There are many other features that make this book worth reading, e.g. the dragons, in particular Errol, a dragon who is to the other dragons in Lady Vime's kennels as Nobby is to the other guards! (But Errol does blossom in this book; one hopes that Nobby's Day will come...)


Review by Lilliana (2003-03-12)
Introducing the watch. What more is there to say? Visit the run-down watch-house and weep. Graphic figures in Sarge Fred Colon and Nobby (who is human because he's got a piece of paper to prove it, from the midwife at that!) and with them, the sagacious Captain Vimes. The first and almost shy steps towards some of Terry's best novels begin here. And there is more. A love story with Casablanca scribbled at the margins, and the big bad beast (I'll leave it to you to find out). A fantasy mystery novel where you don't know where the mystery begins and the fantasy ends. Enchanting at the least.

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