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Reviews of Man in the High Castle, the (1962)

Review by voralfred (2007-02-13) Contains spoilers. View anyway.

This book is IMHO one of the great P. K. Dick books. It is an "Alternate History" story, set in a world where the Axis won WWII. Japan and Germany have shared the US. But the Alternate History is "en abyme", someone wrote an Alternate History book where the Allies have won. And the very existence of this book disturbs the victors. What is the real truth?
In is a typical Dick-ian situation of deceptions-within-deceptions, lies-within-lies, dreams-within-dreams. Fascinating.

Review by clong (2005-03-27)
Dick clearly can't claim to have invented the alternate history genre, but I believe that this book really brought the concept to the forefront of science fiction. The Man in High Castle is certainly a thought-provoking, if somewhat uneven book. At times it seems that Dick is close to offering some profound insight into the human condition, but then the storyline meanders off into something that feels quite superficial. Still it's a quick read, with interesting characters and storyline.

If found the enigmatic ending, which slips into a self-aware commentary on the role and interplay of The Author, The Reader and Reality to be a bit of a disappointment.

Review by Corleone (2004-05-09)
Cryptic and fascinating, the story Dick creates is complex while feeling simple. The alternate world of Japan- and Nazi-ruled U.S. the Dick shows feels detailed and real. The final twist is something of a mind-bender and unexpected.

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