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Reviews of Deep End of the Ocean, the (1996)

Review by tollbaby (2008-07-20)
I read this book before seeing the movie, and I think it greatly enhanced my liking for both. This is a very poignant story of a mother whose youngest child is abducted at age three. She spends the next seven or eight years in a deep depression, all but ignoring her older son, living in her own bubble of grief and withdrawal, never really learning to live again after the loss of her baby.

While there were times I wanted to just slap her silly for what she was doing to her older child, there were times when I just cried because, as a mother, I can imagine all too well the never-ending horror and sorrow associated with losing a child.

Mitchard writes so eloquently and with such vivid empathy that it's easy to understand the panic, grief and terror this woman went through. My heart also went out to the older son, whose loss of not only his baby brother, but of his mother as well, is heartrending.

All in all, while a very emotionally draining read, it was well worth the tears and the effort. This was a fantastic book!

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