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Reviews of Sourcery (1988)

Review by mrdude (2005-10-19)
Sourcery The fifth book in the Discworld Series by Terry Pratchett brings us back to the stroy of rincewind.

In this volume a new power is born on the discworld that suddenly threatens to overthrow wizardry's shabby, not so strong hold on the planet. As a result, our hero, rincewind must... well become a hero to start with.

I really enjoyed this addition to the discworld series. I think a large reason involved the fact that I was able to re-visit a character that I enjoyed and was familiar with. The book itself is quite similar to the first two discworld novels, color of magic and light fantastic, which I also enjoy immensely (more so than equal rights and mort). Rincewind sort of bumbles around and generally hates the fact that something interesting is occurring to him. Despite the books strait forwardness and similarities to previous volumes, I was horribly surprised by the ending, which dose leave the reader at sort of a large cliff-like object, dangling over the edge.

Overall it's a fun read. Like the other discworld books it is quite light hearted and something that I would prefer reading in a hammock or alongside a pool with a beverage in the other hand.

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Review by Lilliana (2003-03-12)
If you think you know anything about imminent doom or who is the greatest failure as a wizard, this is for you with love. The turn of the tide for one of the most notorious anti-heroes ever born in this world or another, and the turn of the basic laws of wizardry as well. Nasty magic, excellent humour and play with words, a heavy dose of lyrical setting and the slight parfume of the Ankh, that makes your eyes water with excitement, or the next best thing. Speaking of anti-heroes, anyone here need a trim? You'll get one in this novel alright! Light, quick, enjoyable, and most of all, magical to the core.

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