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Reviews of Mort (1987)

Review by mrdude (2005-02-15)
Mort, The fourth book in the Discworld Series by Terry Pratchett is the story of a young lad named Mort, or Mortimer if one would prefer, who is hired to become Death's assistant.

This is the 4th Discworld novel I have had the good chance to read, and I must say I enjoyed it. It reads much like the previous title in the series, Equal Rites. Not to say that the storyline is the same, it is not, more that the author uses a very similar writing style in these two books. I only point this out because it does differ from the first two books in the series that are about Rincewind and Twoflower, and at least in my opinion had a very different feel to them. I feel personally that in this book, as well as its prequil, Pratchett is really is trying to change how the discworld stories are being told. I felt as though he tried to stray from explaining so much about discworld and instead focused more on the characters and events happening in this particular story. All that aside this book stands up quite well and is still quite obviously a discworld novel.

As far as the order of books goes I have heard many a reader tell me that it simply does not matter. I would tend to disagree with this, there are some references in this book that one would not be able to laugh at if they had read this book first.

So for the overall review of the book I would say it is humorous and fun. It is a quick read, like most of the books I have read by this author. So get up and read it!

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Review by garibald (2003-03-07)
Mort is a gangly, unseemly boy who just thinks too much for his own good. His parents decide to apprentice him, but no one wants him until a shadowed, bony figure on a pale white horse arrives. Death, the anthropomorphic personification, has decided that he should find an apprentice and choose the boy. Everything goes great until Mort meets a princess, falls in love with her, and saves her from her appointed time, altering the reality of DiscWorld forever. The fact that Death has gone on a vacation and Death's adopted daughter is constantly at odds with Mort does not help either.

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