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Reviews of Once and Future King, the (1958)

Review by Beaver (2011-01-07)
The Once and Future King continued my King Arthur adventure. It's considered a classic one book (but multiple story) take on the Arthurian legends. The beginning section starts off very child-oriented (a bit boring for me and showing it's age) but it gets more serious as it progresses. It was definitely more of an interesting narrative than Malory, and it was interesting to see more fleshing out and personalization of the characters and more depth and details added to the stories. 8/10

Review by joel (2003-07-19)
_The Once and Future King_ is certainly the most engaging of the modern Arthur romances. White has mastered the technique of moving between outrageous comedy, brutal tragedy, and terrible seriousness. The book covers the whole Arthur saga -- his adolescence, the conquest and control of Britain, the search for the Grail, and his ultimate downfall, and the convoluted stories of most of the supporting characters. Material from many sources, sometimes quite anachronistic, is inventively reinterpreted into a really original whole. It can be somewhat didactic at times.

Review by nui6882 (2003-03-19)
A fabulous retelling of Arthurian legend. Far more readable than Mallory, and more enjoyable than Steinbeck's incomplete version. A neccesary appendix is White's separately published "The Book of Merlin." This book is exhilarating fantasy, and definitely worth reading.

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