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Reviews of Trials and Tribble-ations (1996)

Review by johnafair (2006-01-22)
Basing itself on the DS-9 Episode, this book tells the tale of Sisko and the crew of the Defiant when transporting one of the Bajoran Orbs back to Bajor. This was the Orb of Time and when an attempt is made to steal it, the ship finds itself flung back almost a century and across galactic space to orbit a old fashioned space station along with another Federation Starship - the Enterprise. And a Klingon vessel in a period when the tensions between the two Powers were barely kept from open war.

The story of the Defiant's crew 's search for their missing prisoner and the Orb are intertwined between the meeting between Kirk and the Klingons.

This is not one of the most serious Star Trek stories in the history of the series, providing a levening of humour in the final seasons when broadcast, and the book maintains this humour. You also get a number of stills from the episode and a discussion of the technical factors involved in mixing the DS9 crew in with the original series scenes.

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