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Reviews of Lincoln Lawyer, the (2005)

Review by michael a draper (2011-03-26)
Mickey Haller seems to be a good man. Like anyone, he has his flaws and does what he can to make a living as a defense attorney. He confides that his father was a defense attorney who had a place in his heart for helping the less fortunate. Many of those clients were women who resorted to prostitution as a desperate choice to stay alive. Mickey tries to carry on his father's example.

Mickey does much of his work from the back seat of his Lincoln. His driver, Earl, is working off his fee for Mickey's successful defense in a case against him.

As the story progresses, Mickey is asked to defend the wealthy Louis Roulet who has been accused of aggrevated assault and attempted rape of Reggie Campo, a woman he had met in a bar.

Mickey is skeptical of Roulet when he catches him in a number of lies about his past. Then when Mickey sees a photo of Reggie, she bears a close resemblance of a woman that Mickey's former client, Jesus Mendez, was sent to prison for killing.

Mendez maintained his innocence and now Mickey wonders if Mendez could really be innocent. Mickey visits him in jail and brings a number of photos, one of them is of Roulet. What Mickey learns is that he's dealing with a truly evil person in Roulet.

The novel progresses well as the author, Michael Connelly sets the parts in motion as if he was directing a play. Roulet is able to create a special reason for Mickey to win the case and set him free but he also admits the crimes he did in his past. Since there is an attorney-client relationship, this info cannot be used against him.

The reader becomes involved in the story as it goes to trial. We witness the case as if we were sitting in the jury. Mickey works on the case and we wonder how he will provide justice to a man he knows is evil and yet has to defend.

(This review refers to the 2005 version titled “The Lincoln Lawyer”)

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