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Reviews of Infection: Double Helix 1 (1999)

Review by djq (2011-03-28)
This is the first book in the Double Helix series of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Betancourt writes a short and highly readable novel. The plot is imaginative and well-paced, with a good deal of suspense. A reader even has the opportunity to learn some interesting science concepts in the field of microbiology as a side-benefit.

The main objection any critic could raise againt the book is that at least one of the characters was not portrayed at all accurately. One of the subplots is Worf neglecting important Starfleet duty in order to get drunk with murderous fellow Klingons. He was leading an away team expedition at the time. It is not even remotely within character for Worf to act as he did on this occasion, and no amount of artistic license granted Betancourt is sufficient to overlook this deficiency.

Otherwise, it was a well-written novel, perfectly paced, and a fun read. The story has me looking for other work by John Gregory Betancourt to read.

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