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Reviews of Colour of Magic, the (1983)

Review by kitt (2010-12-15)
i could not get into the book so i decided to watch the film of it the film was a bit better to get into because it has the pictures u can see to under stand after i started to watch it i found it great to watch when i started to see it as my first disc world so if anyone else finds it hard to get into i would watch the film

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Review by newsalor (2005-11-22)
I'll be brief.

This wonderful novel only makes sense if you consider it as the first discworld novel. It contains a staggering amount of good ideas, but is very lacking in the plot department. If you read it as your first discworld novel, then the descriptio of the fantasy world etc. will amuse you, but if discworld itself is old news to you, the book will leave you out cold.

Review by rootbeer (2003-03-10)
British humor (humour) has a flavor all its own, as any fan of Monty Python or Douglas Adams can tell you. Terry Pratchett is one more excellent example of the somewhat dry, always witty, and occasionally hilarious style of comedy that people on both sides of the Atlantic enjoy so much. This is the first book in the Diskworld series, a highly imaginative series based on a world so insane, the gods are not so much worshipped as they are blamed. There's plenty of fodder her for adventure, excitement, romance, and a lot of laughs. Very enjoyable.

Review by stamppot (2003-03-07)
This is the first episode in the long standing Discworld Series. It tells us about Rincewind, a wanna-be wizard who happens to live on a flat world, carried on the backs of 4 giant turtles making their rounds on the back of a giant sea-turtle drifting around in space.
He encounters a wierd tourist, who actually wants to see the rat-riddled, smelly city of Ankh-Morpork and experience first hand barbaric fights, etc. Unknownst to him, the tourist is from another continent...

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