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Reviews of Orbiter (2003)

Review by mrdude (2006-04-07)
Set somewhere in the future, the space program has ceased to send up manned operations because of the unexplained loss of the space shuttle Venture. Things start to get interesting when the shuttle crash lands back on earth with only the pilot aboard.

I am a pretty big fan of Warren Ellis (the writer of this graphic novel) so it is hard for me to be very objective when reading something he has written. I think my love of him really has to do with how passionate his work is. I have yet to read anything that he has written that lacked that, and this work was obviously no exception. This time his passion lies in the space program, and it is not hard for the reader to grasp that he is talking more about our own programs lack of drive than the fictional one he has created. He creates these characters to express why he feels we, as humans, still want to explore the unknown.

I wish I had more experience with art to be able to say something meaningful about Colleen Doran's work in this graphic novel. I certainly enjoyed it, but I have little to compare it to. It set a somewhat dark mood for the whole work, that I felt helped intensified the mystery behind the space shuttle’s sudden reappearance, as well as pointing out the fear of the fictional space program that is no longer willing to send people into space. The artwork and story fit quite well together, to bring the reader something that will hopefully inspire them, for I feel that was the purpose of this work.

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