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Reviews of '48 (1996)

Review by johnafair (2005-10-08)
Set in a world that has lost most of it's population to a virulent disease launched on London through the agency of German V Weapons loaded with bioweaponry that caused the blood of its victims to clot and the victims die in excruciating agony. Only a few people with a rare blood grouping prove totally imune to effects of the plague though other groups find that death can be a long time delayed.
The story follows Hoke, an American pilot who had been a pilot in the RAF before his country got involved officially in the war. Finding no reason to leave the ruins of London, Hoke has prepared a number of boltholes throughout the capital in order to stay ahead of the remnants of a Blackshirt brigade that was proving rather slower to die off than he'd have prefered, especially as they thought his blood ransfused into their ailing bodies would keep them alive even longer.
This would not be a James Herbert book if there was not a cobnfrontation with masses of rats and other animals that had got out of hand and the trip through the Underground tunnels was easily the least pleasant part of the book. Hoke's dislike of the German member of the little group that gathers together is nicely done as is the way he has to reassess his feelings as the situation matures.

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