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Reviews of Return Engagement (2004)

Review by johnafair (2006-01-16) Contains spoilers. View anyway.

With a Socialist government in power in the US, and Jake Featherston's Freedom Party in power Down South, a rematch is practically guaranteed and when the dogs of war are let slip once, it's the CSA launching a massive strike against their northern neighbour in an attempt to cut the country in half.
Although the north is massively more capable of producing the goods of war, they are soon assailed by rebellions in the occuppied Canadian provinces and the Mormon's Deseret. The Freedom Party develops a way of getting rid of their negro population in job lots.
We get to meet an obscure Asssitant Secretary of War, Franklin Delano Roosevelt - the polio attack that left hinm in a wheelchair made any thought of running for president nothing more than a dream (even in our timeline, he did his best to reduce the visibility of his state).

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