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Reviews of Drive to the East (2005)

Review by johnafair (2009-02-19)
With Featherston's plans to win the war by cutting the US in half having failed at the point of victory, this war's turning into one that he did not want - one where the infinitely larger resources of the US can be brought to bear. However, Featherston has determined that his troops shall take the city of Pittsburgh to damage the US's output. Pity no-one told the US that was the plan...
With dark deeds on the plains of Texas and rebels tearing the heart out of both the US and Confederacy, you might find it handy to take notes. You also might find it useful to have a good history text of the era available just to make sure just who was there really and just who Turtledove has made up :-)
Oh, yes, and you'll want to have a nice *soothing* book to take away the taste. Trust me on this!!

If there is anything that mars the book it's the way Featherston changes from quite a capable leader with the Touch, to one who was blind to the tactical realities. This is required if Turtledove is to keep the echoes of the real WW2, but it's... unconvincing.

(This review refers to the 2005 version titled “Drive to the East”)

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