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Reviews of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2000)

Review by ladylaw (2009-10-03)
I have rather mixed feelings about this book, on the one hand I like the suspense, always building up to one of the tasks Harry has to face, but on the other hand I find it quite a bit too outdrawn inbetween. It's not my favorite of the HP books (that would be book n 3) but it's not the worst either.

Review by siriusspells (2006-03-20)
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!

This book was not the best book in the Harry Potter series, but it was so close to being so.

This book will keep you looking like a book worm for at least a week (unless you read it all day)

This book was so good, I couldn't stop reading it for a week (on my vacation)

Review by goldenphoenix (2005-01-01)
I'm afraid to say that it is rather obvious that Rowling lost her way slightly while writing this book (part of the reason why it was so long coming), but, to be honest, it adds to its charm. I don't enjoy it quite as much as 5, it isn't as exciting, but its a good read. It drags a bit, but I can't honestly think of a part of the book that I would want to loose. I think that this book is noticably more mature than 3, working on a few more levels.

Review by naive (2004-10-04)
This book is by far the greatest book of the Harry Potter series if not the greatest of all series.

Review by darkkilala (2004-09-21)
I thought this book was sweet. It just kind of keeps your in suspens all through the book. I think that the way that they brought voldermort back was cool.

Review by sTalking_Goat (2003-03-17)
I avoided reading the Harry Potter books for 4 years. I mean I was seing them everywhere, Stock brokers in $1000 suits were reading them on the A train in New York. How good could they be? These consumerists sheep wouldn't know a good book if it grew 200 feet tall and started crushing Tokyo (The New York Times bestseller list and "Oprah's Book Club" proves this, I think). Finally a girl got me to read them. Hormones overode my convictions and I melted down and I started skimming the first one. Us guys are so easy.

Surprisingly it didn't suck. I mean for what it was (a kid's book) it wasn't condescending. It had a sense of humor and wisp of sarcasm about the whole thing. People can of chastise these books as borrowed heavily from eary works. Duh, what isn't? Not bad at all Rowling.

Review by nzilla (2003-03-09)
Like the third one, this one is darker and less formulaic than the first two. The plot absolutely congeals and we get to learn more about the whole wizarding world. However, I did find the book a little long for what it is. 9/10

Review by jesco (2003-03-08)
Definetely the best one of the Harry Potter series so far. Although I have to say that this book isn't as suitable as a children's book than the previous ones. The atmosphere gets darker, the story more intense and the plot-line more complicated.

Review by lmagarga (2003-03-08)
The most made-for-the-movies of the series to date, yet it still retains the humo(u)r and charm of its predecessors. Its obvious that J.K. Rowling is making the story up as she goes, yet she manages to keep her feet and ever-twisting plot lines straight. A good, light-hearted read for children and adults alike.

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