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Reviews of Wizard of Karres, the (2004)

Review by johnafair (2009-01-23)
The original 'The Witches of Karres' is one of my favourite books so when I first saw this book, I was worried what the authors would do with it. Not that the authors individually are bad - it was just the thought of messing with a story more than thirty years old...

However, there was no need to worry. Eric Flint is another admirer of Schmitz's work (and editor of Baen's reprints of Schmitz's work) while Lackey has proved herself in both the fantasy and science fiction fields, which overlap to a considerable extent in this book, and, while David Freer is much less familiar to me, he has co-authored works with Flint. As much as it's possible to assign an authorial 'voice' to parts of a work, this mostly felt like Flint and Freer (as per Rats, Bats and Vats) with a touch of Lackey in the showboat based storyline. The tone sometimes has a 'Noughties' feel to it but the authors have also managed to retain some of the innocence of the original.

This is a worthy successor to Schmitz's original and I heartily recommend it.

(This review refers to the 2004 version titled “The Wizard of Karres”)

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