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Reviews of Academ's Fury (2005)

Review by elly2009 (2006-08-15)
Academ's Fury is the second book in Jim Butcher's Codex Alera series. It takes over about two years after the first book and Tavi, the main character---the "Fury-less freak", is training to become a Cursor (a special agent of the ruler, openly thought of as mail carriers) at the Academy. His life becomes much more complicated however, when Gaius Sextus, the First Lord of Alera, colapses from overexertion in his apartments in front of Tavi. Tavi and several other trustworthy folks are stuck trying to hide the true condition of the First Lord from a country on the brink of civil war.
Meanwhile, Tavi's Aunt Isana, Uncle Bernard, and the Cursor Amara are having troubles of their own. Doroga, a Marat leader, and Kitai, his daughter, have discovered that the 'Keepers' have left the Wax Forest and that the Vord (very intelligent creatures who can possess people's bodies) are loose. Doroga and his clans have killed one of the Vord Queens, but there are still two more, who will each produce two more Queens rapidly if not found and destroyed. Doroga believes one of the Queens is following after Tavi and the other one is soon found to have created its nest nearby. Bernard and Amara stay to fight, while Isana uses her invitation to Wintersend in the capital to try to gain audience and help from Gaius...not knowing that he is farthest from the ones who can help her.

I enjoyed this book immensly, more even than I did the first. Some of the revelations of what is to come later in the series are hinted at, while the very last page in the book (not counting the epilogue) contains a not entirely unsuspected tidbit that still manages to be thrilling as the reader starts to piece things together. I would recommend reading the first book in the series before this one, as it explains more about the Furies, elemental spirit-like creatures, that play a big part in the world of Alera.

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