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Reviews of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (1999)

Review by ladylaw (2009-09-25)
This is my favorite Harry Potter book, the story becomes darker and more menacing than in the first two books. I find that with this book, JK Rowling goes from writing real childrens books to writing books which can satisfy adult readers as well. It also introduces us to Sirious Black and Peter Pettigrew, and it brings the Dementors!

Review by rlrinehart (2008-01-14)
I would say this is one of the weaker books of the series. Compared to most books it was extremely good but I think Ms. Rowling has done better. As always, the book is much better than the movie and there is nothing that I would change about it. This book in my mind is in close comparison to the Chamber of secrets. Not because of the plot but because of the genral feeling while reading it. If you are a Harry Potter fan you will , of course, like this.

(This review refers to the 1999 version titled “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”)

Review by keith h (2007-10-29) Contains spoilers. View anyway.

This is probably the darkest and most mature book in the series, particularly while dealing with the themes of revenge, punishment, and reverence for the dead. I liked that the heroic Gryffindor trio didn't save the world like they do in the other six. Overall a worthwile read for kids and curious adults looking for a quick, easy, but ultimatly satisfying read. (also the best movie, coincidentally)

Review by archaic (2006-05-15)
I enjoyed this book more than the second book. It also was differen't than the first two books. This book dealed with more of Harry's family than with Voldemort. I also liked this one becuase of the twists and turns. The author had you thinking something then she would turn it around and was very unexpected. The characters were still well written and so was the storyline. All together I enjoyed this book.

Review by lord ombra (2005-12-10)
Now, as I said in an earlier review, the first and second Harry Potter novels were close together overall, but this where the series gets its real spectacularness. Out of all of the books, this had the largest improvement out of all of them. I beleive this is the center of the Harry Potter books. The reason I think this is because this is the book that seperates little innocent Harry, to a more dangerous set of dangers.

Review by candyflute (2005-01-17)
My favorite book of the series so far it grabs you and you can't put it down. One of my favorites.

Review by goldenphoenix (2005-01-01)
It's funny, but of all the Potter-readers I have ever met, this is the book that is either their very favourite or least favourite in the series. This is probably due to the fact that it follows a slightly different formula to the rest of the books so far, and you either love it or it puts you off slightly. The climax of this book is very different to the others, and perhaps this is why I find it the most exciting, but least satisfying of the series.

Review by darkkilala (2004-09-21)
I thought this book was awesome. The ending was my favorite part. I like how they explain the dementors, and they way they effect people is just cool. And the way that they make your think that Sirius is the enemy, just perfect.

Review by nzilla (2004-08-26)
This book is just wondeful! The overall plot of the series begins to thicken and the tone is much darker and more Sirius, err, serious. This one is a lot less formulaic than the first two. My favorite so far. 9/10

Review by radish_ears (2004-07-02)
This book is most definitely my favorite of the Harry Potter series thus far. The book is more dark than the two preceeding it, yet still functions magnificently as a child's novel. You learn a lot about Harry's past, and some exciting new characters come into play. I just love it to pieces!

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