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Reviews of Software (1982)

Review by wwwwolf (2003-10-27)
_Software_ has visions of autonomous robots that have developed intellect and near-anarchistic society. It also touches the subject of dual nature of things: the "hardware", our physical self, and "software", our thoughts or soul - and how it may be that one day, these things aren't inseparable. Another theme is the freedom of will.

The book follows the aging inventor of the lunar robots, and how he becomes immortalized by the robots, right in the beginning of a robot civil war.

The book has a lot of things: Humor, strange scientific experiments, even more strange descriptions, robots, philosophy, theology, and stuff like this, all in a nice easily digestible bunch. It's wonderfully readable; I've read it about 5 times and it has never taken me more than a day.

If you want a kind, gentle introduction to cyberpunk genre without being completely depressed by William Gibson's _Neuromancer_, this may be a book for you. It's nowhere near dystopian, doesn't get too complex to grasp, and yet manages to be fairly thoughtful.

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