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Reviews of Perdido Street Station (2000)

Review by lord kallor (2005-05-31)
Seeking a decent fantasy I read this book, on recomendation from this site no less, and was much more than satisfied, this book is quite literaly amazing, it paints a grim and tortured portrait of an otherworldly city revelling in its own putrid waste struggling under the release of terrible monsters. The story is just as good bringing together complex plots and original ideas. Despite being fantasy it is written in a completly diferent style to most fantasy books I have read and I completly loved it. 10/10

Review by clong (2004-10-21) Contains spoilers. View anyway.

Slight spoilers . . .

Clearly many readers are raving about this book, and there are a lot of things to like about it. I would call it a pretty good story set in an extraordinarily atmospheric world, populated with interesting and complicated characters and races. Isaac and Lin are a surprisingly compelling inter-species couple.

I thought the climactic scene at Perdido Street Station felt a bit contrived (why couldn't they have accomplished the same thing at a location not right in the middle of the militia?), and that the actions of the Weaver were a bit too enigmatic (at times it was almost like Mieville took the "I'm not sure how to resolve this scene, so let me have the Weaver appear and obliterate everything" approach). The denouement was surprising and reasonably effective.

Overall, a very promising first novel for the New Crobuzon series.

Review by Scarblac (2004-03-01)
I can't remember the last time I read a book that was both fantasy, and also so original. It seems he purposefully set out to completely reinvent a genre, and actually did it. Cool surprises everywhere.

The story is awesome and very rich.

Besides, Mieville is a language wizard (another "Can't remember the last time...": I find myself re-reading paragraphs because the language is so cool)...

In short, there's just nothing wrong with this book. I'm going to buy an extra copy just so more people can borrow it from me simultaneously.

Review by Corleone (2004-01-26)
One of my top three favorite books. I love the setting, the characters, the creativity, the story... Everything about this book is epic and new, it's just simply great. I'm anxious to read more by Mieville.

Review by wgreen (2003-12-19)
What an amazing book. It takes an author of incredible talent to create such a bizarre world without it just being wierd for weird's sake. The plot and characters are also first rate.

Review by slink (2003-05-07)
Possibly the most original and imaginative book since Gormenghast.
A believable and engrossing world, characters that you can empathise with and a plot that just keeps you reading.
All with Mieville's writing which just slides out of the book poetically and brings it all to life.

Review by MaLuoDan (2003-04-13)
This is the most original and fresh book I have read in the last 15 years or so. You think you know what constitutes good fantasy? This book will turn your ideas of what fantasy is upside down, that's how good it is...

Review by 6169 (2003-03-07)
Quite possibly the best book I have read in 10 years, if ever. The city of New Crobuzon is dark, colorful, and intricate like the setting of no other book I have read. The story is engrossing to the point of being annoying, and Mieville has a gift with language that simply has to be experienced to be believed. There are no reviews that can do this book justice. Just read it.

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