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Reviews of Hallowed Hunt, the (2005)

Review by bkedryna (2005-07-15)
At first I thought this book will be disappointing, mainly because it started similarly to the first two books - someone gets visions from gods and performs all kinds of weird things to achieve their goal. It semed to me like this was overdone already and nothing new can be written about it.
But this fear quickly went away as I got into the book. True, the main setup is a little similar to the first two books, but the rest is significantly different. The author comes up with more interesting wrinkles in her "gods and afterlife" theory that keep the readers on their toes till the very end.
The action this time happens in a distant land that was conquered by the 5-god-worshipping civilization from the first 2 books several hundred years earlier. But although the old leaders and their religious rituals are long dead and buried, their knowledge all but forgotten, a new force appears that stirs the old ghosts. What is its purpose? How are the gods involved? Many strange things happen, but no one has the slightest idea what it means until the main character meets his long forgotten cousin, who is much more than he seems...
Once again Bujold came out with an excellent fantasy book that is a must for any fans of fantasy, philosophy, and even sci-fi.

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