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Reviews of Harvest of Stars (1993)

Review by clong (2005-05-03)
Harvest of Stars doesn't seem to have garnered very wide readership, but it is my personal favorite of Anderson's books. It is long and complicated story, almost like a succession of three separate novels: an "escape from the evil dystopian government of the future" story, a tale of political intrigue set on a semi-independent lunar colony, and finally an epic story of the exploration and colonization of a distant world by a group that abandons earth.

Anderson offers a fairly bleak view of life under a totalitarian world government in the not too distant future. The book is carried by ideas and storyline; the writing and dialogue can certainly get a bit clunky at times. Kyra Davis is an interesting protagonist who faces difficult and thought provoking challenges. The book is pervaded by a sense of sadness, a sense that despite temporary victories, the good guys are not destined for a happy ending.

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