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Reviews of Boat of a Million Years, the (1989)

Review by uofm-d (2006-12-19)
The story moves very slowly for the first half of the novel as we are introduced to the characters over the long period of time. As they meet and cross paths the story does pick up somewhat. The last two chapters, which are quite long, almost a third of the book, are the heart of the story. This last section is where the long-lived humans begin to explore other stars and planets. I didnít find the characters very engaging or their long life to have any effect on history. The only true advantage it gave them was the ability to live through the long years of space travel to reach another star. I would have like to see more of the novel focus on the alien life that is discovered on at the distant star.

Review by clong (2004-04-05)
This is the only book I can ever remember giving up on after reading halfway through. I had no empathy for or even interest in the protagonists--immortals who live on and on while those around them die. I have enjoyed several of Poul Anderson's sci fi novels, but not this one. Maybe it got better in the second half; I don't think I'll ever find out.

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