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Reviews of Jane and the Wandering Eye (1998)

Review by aes123 (2006-09-17)
Jane and the Wandering Eye
By: Stephanie Barron

I was introduced to this series by my sister. She knew I was an avid reader of all things Jane Austen. The series was enthralling. It still is when I read it.
This one is set in Bath, England in the 1800ís. Jane is incredibly annoyed with the pettiness of the popular watering hole. So, when she receives a request from her old acquaintance Lord Harold Trowbridge to keep an eye on his niece Lady Desdemona (Mona) Trowbridge she agrees to it. Mona was running away from the Earl of Swithen. He had proposed and she refused him. She went to the shelter of her grandmother, the Dowager Duchess Wilborough. Trowbridge gave Jane three tickets to the dowagers rout. She went with her brother Henry and his wife Eliza.
At the rout a man is discovered fatally stabbed through the heart. With Monaís brother standing over him with a dripping knife in his hand. He professes innocence, while all of the evidence is against him. So, with him pronounced guilty in everyoneís mind, it is up to Jane and Trowbridge to prove them wrong and find the real killer.
I think fans of Austen will like this book. It uses a lot of her phrases. Often it is a direct quote. The story is told by Jane in her diary. So, it makes sense to use her preferred wording.
Also interesting about the series are the footnotes. In the story youíll see numbers, and they indicate that somewhere the number is a subject that is expanded upon or explained in a footnote. Examples are like explaining why Jane refers to Eliza as her sister and not her sister-in-law, or explaining the history of some event referred to in the story. When reading the book for the 5th or 6th time it can get kind of annoying. Well, maybe thatís just me. Because my eyes canít pass a footnote by. I donít know why. Even when I know what they say.
So, you will like this book if you like mysteries that donít take a lot of effort to solve and make use of Janeís own works of literature. Because thatís the kind I like.

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