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Reviews of In Cold Blood (1965)

Review by StefanY (2007-08-24)
I really enjoyed this book. Capote has taken the factual account of a horrible mass murder and turned it into a fascinating story that reads more like a novel. Beyond just giving us the facts, Capote creates a colorful, vivid world with deep, rich characters. Through the telling of the tale, we get to know these people inside and out, and we even begin to feel some compassion for the monsters who committed this heinous crime.

Capote's description of small town Kansas is very accurate and realistic. The emotions and reactions of the populace are presented a format where they are not only a factual interview from the person, but also Capote imparts the emotion which the subject is imparting. We also get a unique perspective of the criminals themselves presented in a very believable manner.

With this book, Capote basically created his own genre; taking the true crime story to another level altogether with beautiful prose and excellent story-telling. It is truly a masterpiece and a fine work of modern literature.

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