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Reviews of Sun in Glory and Other Tales of Valdemar (2003)

Review by blueworld (2005-12-01)
Sun in Glory is a collection of short stories by various authors set in Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar world. Approximately half the stories are about companions -- Heralds being Chosen, children who dream of becoming Heralds, even a story about a man who dies and is reincarnated as a companion. Other tales explore the magic of healing, empathy, and even miracles.

The most interesting aspect of this collection is the opportunity to read about Valdemar in a different voice. In particular, Catherine S. McMullen and Michelle West sound very different from Lackey. McMullen's first person narration and West's dark tone provide interesting variety. I have always enjoyed the Valdemar world but I admit to occasionally tiring of Lackey's writing style. Sun in Glory thus provided me with an interesting break.

This anthology concludes with a new story by Mercedes Lackey that tells of how Talia became an honorary sun-priest of Karse. Apparently this is a long-awaited chapter for many Lackey fans, but I found the story to be less than exciting or interesting. It is called a "novella" in the blurb, but in my opinion the plot was only worthy of a very brief short story. It would have been better embedded as a part of another novel.

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