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Reviews of Heavy Time (1991)

Review by clong (2006-03-13)
Heavy Time is the second book I have read by CJ Cherryh (the other being the Hugo winning Downbelow Station). This is a nice little character driven space opera, set on an asteroid mining operation. The bad guys are the Corporation that runs the operation and the good guys are a group of five people thrown together by circumstances and common interests in a series of events that lead up to a political crisis.

The strength of the book is the characterization of the five protagonists. Cherryh does a nice job of giving us five very different people, with different values, backgrounds, and aspirations, and letting each of them grow as events unfold. I also appreciated the dark, gritty, dangerous representation of working in space.

The world building is convincing (or "space" building, as the case may be.) This is a credible future driven by economics, population growth, and technology. Different groups use different slang (which was at times slightly confusing, but wasn't overdone).

The ending came together a bit too easily for me, but all in all this was a nice read and I certainly will plan to read more books by this author.

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