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Reviews of Best Loved Poems of the American People, the (1936)

Review by wpollard (2012-10-01)
This anthology is a great collection of poetry appreciated by Americans in the mid-20th century. I few of the entries have references to social norms and icons which may be lost on young readers in the early 21st Century. Despite this, this collection is wonderful. It is full of beautiful, thought-provoking, evocative memorable poems. I particularly liked the section on animals/pets.
I highly recommend this owrk to anyone looking for a good poetry collection.

Review by zambini (2006-01-04)
The Best Loved Poems of the American People is such a complete collection of excellent poetry that is has been loved to death by 2 generations in our family. Published in 1936 this compilation by Hazel Felleman contains 648 pages of classic poetry divided by subcategories such as Inspiration, Poems that Tell a Story, Humor and Whimsy and more. The category divisions make it easy to find a read for any event or mood. Added bonuses are the indexes. You can find your favorite author in the "Index by Author," or you can find your favorite poem, the one you can only remember the first line to at this present moment, in the "Index by First Lines." Both powerful tools that make this poetry book one of the best and a golden treasure for generations.

The authors range from the popular Edgar Allen Poe, Lewis Carroll, Oliver Wendell Holmes to lesser known, but equally excellent, and even unknown artists. Our family favorite, which can be repeated by three generations, is the Unknown artist's "Dried Apple Pies." But, it is only the first in a long line of favorites easily found in this poetry anthology which will bring a love of poetry to even the most adamant protestor.

Our copy has had the binding loved off, the pages loved loose, and has taught 3 generations the joy of poetry.

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