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Reviews of Birth of the Firebringer (1985)

Review by spiphany (2004-03-10)
This book is partially based on a story the author started when she was nine, and something of that conveys itself to the reader. There is a certain artlessness about it which reminds me of the type of stories I wrote at that age. This impression is mirrored by the cover of the early hardcover version (although not the one shown on IBList) which shows several unicorns and a wyvern, drawn in the style of a child and without perspective. Out of the child’s story is developed something considerably more sophisticated: the coming of age of a unicorn colt who chafes at restrictions but yearns to be accepted by his father, lessons on following one’s heart and on responsibility for one’s actions, an examination of the truth about what the unicorns believe about the world and their place in it. It doesn’t bother me that the original elements creep through sometimes; mostly I find it interesting that it happens.

Review by wildreamersam (2004-01-03)
i liked how this book progressed. you find out the proficy and see the character slowly fulfill it.i cant wait to read the next book

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