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Reviews of Belgarath the Sorcerer (1996)

Review by johnafair (2006-05-01)
This puports to be the autobiography of Belgarath, known as the Eternal Man in the later years of the conflict againt the evil God Torak.

When I purchased this book, I feared that it would be rather like the Middle-Earth books by Christopher Tolkien, merely a book containing the background of the Belgariad in some prettified version. Instead, we got a book that makes the rest of his series look... iffy.

If you've read the first five books of the Belgariad, you will be aware that there's a degree of repetion (only magnified in the Mallorean series). While it's true that this book is also repetitious, the Eddingss manage it with greater panache and the framing story of Belgarath's life is more interesting. Of course, the book's essential nature, that of the quest, does tend towards repetition even in thsi novel but the hand behind that repetition is somewhat more gentle.

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