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Reviews of Spirit Ring, the (1992)

Review by bkedryna (2003-09-17)
I bought this book (actually, this ebook, from because it was the only one available from this author that I hadn't read already. From the description it sounded like some girlish romance story, so I left it for a time when I run out of other books.
I was wrong. This is a very nice book.

It starts a little boring and 'weird'. This isn't your typical fantasy. The action happens in pretty-much-real 16th-17th century Italy. The difference is, magic works, and spirits/ghosts exist. Everything else is pretty factual, down to the involvement of the Church in people's lives, the Inquisition, burning of witches, etc.

I admit, the structure is pretty simple - boy meets girl, boy saves girl, happy ending. But it is well written and interesting. After the first two chapters I went through it like a lawnmower. If you like this author, I suggest you get this book. You'll learn a little historical perspective and have fun doing it, too.

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