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Reviews of Diplomatic Immunity (2002)

Review by johnafair (2005-09-25)
There's quite a bit of action in this novel, but that isn't really the focus of the plot as Miles and his retinue try and determine just which of the two parties involved in this particular dispute are telling the truth (or mostly). An apparently simple dispute over why a bunch of Barrayaran soldiers would shoot up a Quaddie police post while their trade fleet was docked at one of their stations rapidly spirals out of control as Miles comes under fire.
It isn't a classic Vorkosigan story in the sense that Miles has other matters on his mind as well as the conclusion of his case and it's true that Miles is more considerate of the future and his place in it thanks to those replicators waiting for him and Ekaterin back on Barrayar.
As is common in Bujold's books, we get to see some old friends in new situations.
This novel gives a reasonable sense of closure to the series.

Review by bkedryna (2005-05-24)
The action is back. After a two-book detour into politics, courtship and marriage, Miles is back in space, attracting problems like a magnet again.

For those who were disappointed by the change the series took in the previous book, this one is for you.

Married he might now be, but Miles can't give up his adrenaline addiction, insatiable and trouble-attracting curiosity, and his demanding new job. So he is forced to cut his honeymoon short and go on a new mission, which turns out to be a great deal more complicated than it first seems. He ends up risking his life again like in the old days, and again changing the fate of empires.

There is plenty of action, the plot is well designed and not easy to guess, and some characters from the past resurface to make things more interesting. Great read, very fun and addictive, and finally with some serious conjectures about hi-tech bio-hazards that were, in my opinion, undestimated by the author until now. Recommended read for everyone, a must for fans of the series.

Review by sTalking_Goat (2003-03-07)
I'm a fan. Of Bujold, Vorkosigan, this Universe, everything. Coming off the heels of A Civil Campaign, easily the best book of this series. Diplomatic Immunity is a bit of a disappointment. The main thing wrong with this book is that Miles is quite obviously getting old. He's matured a lot, toned down his wild adventures considerably and frankly I find him less interesting for it. Even the reappearance of some of the series' more interesting people (The Cetagandans, the quaddies and the Hermaphodite) doesn't manage to bring this book out of the slumps. An entertaing read none the less if you're a fan of the series, but don't start here and if you're a casual fan, you can skip it. Nothing that important happens.

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