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Reviews of Memory (1996)

Review by mycatis (2006-12-09)
This is an incredible book. We see a whole new side of Miles as he attempts to come to terms with making a terible mistake.
Reading this book, it seem obvious that this is how it was always going to happen, as if things could never have been any different. Miles has grown up, now he has to learn how to live as himself.

Review by bkedryna (2005-01-31)
Like all Vorkosigan books, this is an excellent piece of work. Still, I was a little disappointed because I was able to guess at the very beginning who the bad guy was. This is the first time this has happened to me with Bujold's novels so I didn't believe it until it turned out to be true at the end. The reason why it's easy to guess is very obvious but I won't mention it so I don't spoil it for anyone.
Still, it was worth it and I'd read many more books like this even if they had the same problem.

Review by sqbr (2003-06-30)
This is the first Vorkosigan book I read, and is an ok place to start if you're not going to go all the way back to "Shards Of Honour". It's pretty good- like all the Vorkosigan books, light space opera with real likeable characters. Bujold makes a fair attempt at interesting and believable societies, and the little science isn't obviously flawed. It (as well as "Komarr" and "A civil Campaign") is discounted a lot of places in Perth Australia at the moment (mid 2003), can't talk for the rest of the world!

The plot is a fairly enjoyable who-dunnit with a fair splash of character study as we watch poor Simon deal with his sudden "change of mind" so to speak. All in all a lot of fun, without being irritatingly vacuous.

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