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Reviews of Tripwire (1999)

Review by michael a draper (2011-02-05)
Jack Reacher is digging wells in Key West, Florida when he learns that a woman is asking for him. When the detective who had been looking for Reacher is found murdered, Reacher decides to find out why.

He arrives at Jodie Garber's home just as well wishers are paying last respects for Jodie's father. General Garber had been Reacher's mentor and friend.

Jodie is divorced but uses her maiden name, Jacob, for business purposes. When Reacher finishes telling Jodie that someone is searching for her, she agrees to go with him but two men try to kill her. Reacher acts quickly and saves Jodie.

In New York, Hook Hobie is behind the attempted murder. He is also in the process of terrorizing corporate CEO Chester Stone and Stone's wife, into turning over the stock in their corporation to him. Hobie had loaned money to Stone and had Stone give put the stock as collateral.Then Hobie manipulated things so he would get Stone's entire fortune.

Reacher and Jodie are attempting to find out what her father was searching for. The learn that an elderly couple named Hobie was looking for their son, Victor. He had been a helicopter pilot in Vietnam who disappeared during his second deployment. They tell Reacher that the government won't declare him missing or dead. They feel that their son was a hero and his name sould be on the Vietnam memorial wall.

Events follow as these two plot lines connect. The tension is excellent and the plotting masterful. Reacher shows the traits that will endear him to readers well into the future.

(This review refers to the 1999 version titled “Tripwire”)

Review by reacher (2009-04-05)
This title is surely one of my favorite Reacher novels. What sets this book apart is the main villian, Hook Hobie. Never before have I dreaded the main villian of a book as much as Hobie. He is a horribly violent man who's treachery and wrong doings have no limit. You simply cannot wait until Reacher and Hobie have thier final confrontation. The results of which are amazingly entertaining.

The romance in this novel is great too, when Reacher runs into in old childhood friend from the Army.

Lee Child is the best author I have ever read, and many agree with me.

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