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Reviews of Fields of Fire (1978)

Review by michael a draper (2010-04-19)
Robert Lee Hodges, Jr. 2nd Lt., United States Marines arrives in Vietnam in 1969. He still possesses his father's footlocker from WWII including his vintage army uniform. It is said of Hodges' family, if there hadn't been a Vietnam, he'd have to invent one.

He'd done well in Marine Officer training prior to 'Nam.

We meet the members of Hodges' unit as they are identified in the story. Snake, nicknamed for the tattoo had a low level job prior to the 'Corps. He notices the Marine motto "Death Before Dishonor," and joins up.

Will Goodrich is the college man. While his friends were moving to Canada, or going to grad school to avoid the draft, Will enters the Marines.

These men and others are in a position where enemies surround them. Is that farmer in the village, near the base, just a farmer or is his Viet Cong?

Sgt. Austin arrives and proceeds to antagonize the men, demanding rules that worked stateside but out in the real world of death and destruction, had no place.

Not long after, one of Austin's men, throws a grenade near enough to Austin, to injure him and remove him as a problem.

This is the story of men at war. Learing a bit of the history of each man, the reader becomes involved.

Well done and vivid.

(This review refers to the 1978 version titled “Fields of Fire”)

Review by kevin42 (2003-03-11)
This is a hardcore gritty look at the Vietnam war from the point of view of the people who fought in it. The book gives a powerful and realistic into the conflict and it's impact on the people and soldiers involved. If you like war stories, and you like them realistic, this is a good book for you to read.

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