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Reviews of Bite (2005)

Review by sTalking_Goat (2005-03-16)
The sub-genre that Laurell K Hamilton made famous in the mid 90's has become glutted in recent years. None of the newcomers can match LKH talent for telling a story (not even LKH anymore, it seems), few even come close. Being fully aware of this, I picked up this book anyway. I was bored and it was cheaper than a movie.

LKH's "The girl who was infatuated with death" headlines the book. The short story format is not a good one for LKH. Short stories need a certain economy of words that she lacks. The story has an extremely thin plotline, thats mostly and excuse for the Anita character to get a little interaction time with Jean Claude, at a point in the series' timeline when their relationship was a little more ambiguous. Even so this story still manages to be vastly more satisfying than the last three books she's written.

Charlaine Harris writes interesting characters. "One Word Answer" shows that strenght off pretty well. It's action light, but its gives you a pretty good picture of her main character. Thats always good.

Davidson I'd heard about but never actually read, her universe was described to me as Clueless with vampires. I was pleasantly surprised however. Davidson is actually a pretty good writer, she manages to be funny without being totally absurd. And LKH can learn a thing or two from her about writing sex scenes. I'll probably pick up one of her books in the future.

The other two writers, I found with some research after I read them, are Romance writers in their "day job".

Angela Knight's Galahad I think is the weakest story in the bunch. Knight seems to totally lack that thing that good storytellers have that make you instantly believe anything they tell you. I found myself rolling my eyes at various points in the story, and this from a guy that read and enjoyed all five "Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy" books.

Vickie Taylor's "Blood Lust" was adequate, storywise. Taylor lacks a certain style, she sounds like a fan-fic writer, its Technically correct but flat somehow. The ending I felt was a bit rushed. The main problem I have with the story however is that Taylor changes a key bit of the Vampire Mythology, but this change plays no part in the story. Its almost as if she decided to change it just so she could say there's some different about her vampire story. Its the kind of thing you learn not to do in Creative Writiing 101.

In all I'm not saying to run out and buy it, but if you're a big fan of one or more of the authors or you're like me and will read anything with the word "Vampire" in it, then its not a bad way to waste a few hours.

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