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Reviews of Rainbow Mars (1999)

Review by bkedryna (2004-12-16)
I agree this book isn't very good, but it's not completely unreadable. There are some interesting and funny ideas. The whole book is rather short, so there isn't really time to get bored.
The main theme is time travel, but in my opinion the author greatly underestimates the extent to which small changes in the past can affect the future. Or he doesn't fully explain his "timelines converging" theory, however you want to look at it.
If you're a Niven fan, I suggest you read it and judge for yourself. If you're not then I wouldn't bother.

Review by alanhunt (2003-09-12)
This book fell seriously short of Niven's abilities. I disliked it enough that I almost didn't finish reading it. I found the plot confusing and silly, the language obfuscated, and the characters flat and uninteresting. Don't read this. Even if it is free.

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