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Reviews of Coraline (2002)

Review by blueworld (2007-04-17)
This is one of the rare children's stories I've read that truly immerses the reader in the headspace of a child without indulging in nostalgia or moralizing. It's dark and frightening and blurs the lines between fantasy and reality perfectly. I think it would have frightened me as a child, but it's fun to be scared a little bit.

Review by tiamatq (2003-03-09)
I really enjoyed Coraline. While it's listed as a children's book, I think it's open to any age for reading, though age often affects the interpretation, but isn't that true for every book? It's lovely for reading aloud and I think that Coraline is a terrific character. Dave McKean's illustrations are fantastic and definitely jump out at you when you turn the page.

Review by andrael (2003-03-09)
This is without a doubt one of the creepiest books I have ever read, for children or adults. Though on the technical side, I found that Mr. Gaiman's prose was not quite up to its previous standard -- there were some parts where it seemed like he was fumbling between his usual style, and a simpler "kiddified" style. But this is easy to look past, and for plot/atmosphere alone, this is one of my favorite works of his, next to Sandman.

Review by toftk (2003-03-08)
I love young adult and children's books so I snatched this one up from my roommate and devoured it instantly. Top notch for an eerie story about a brave curious young girl. I think this would be a great movie for Tim Burton to do. Coraline is a vivid character and the rest of the people in the book are described in such grotesque detail that I am sure everyone will love it.

Review by guldan (2003-03-07)
Coraline is a good book. Not spectacular, but good, and there is nothing wrong with that. It is an addition to the collection of slightly frightening and disturbing children's books. There aren't enough of them. It is definitely an enjoyable read for all, and many kids (and adults will enjoy it). If you are a Gaiman fan, it is a must read, if only to see a bit more of him.

Review by sean (2003-03-02)
Spooky and fun, with a wonderful ending, but not as, I don't know, "profound" as his other work. Worthwhile EASILY, though. Check it out.

Review by Cocteau (2003-03-02)
Another Gaiman book, and another hit. It is a children's book but I don't think the author ever tried to make it anything else. Still it one of the few children's book which will give equal pleasure to the parent reading it to their child or just buying it for him/herself. Thouroughly enjoyable, still its a kids book, so what?!

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