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Reviews of Naked Sun, the (1957)

Review by kadambi (2007-06-03)
The second in the Robot series, The Naked Sun is even better than The Caves of Steel.

The Naked Sun takes us to the world of Solaria, a planet which represents extreme form of statism. Solarians have attained such highest levels of "wealth". The books tells us that such an extremenly affluent society, with low populations can can and will self-destruct.

Ye, Solarians are blissfully unaware of such impending doom. In fact they hold quite the opposite view, that all the other worlds would turn into Solaria and attain "equilibrium".

Yet, there is murder on this planet and Earthmen Baley is called to solve the seemingly impossible mystery. The rest of the book is a classic mystery with in mystery. The book further reinforces the claim that Earth and Earthmen represent the best hope for survival of humanity and further colonization of space. The outer worlds desperately need Earth to shake of their statism.

A thoroughly enjoyable read!

(This review refers to the 1957 version titled “Naked Sun, the”)

Review by rootbeer (2003-03-10)
Not quite as good as Caves of Steel, Asimov takes Elijah Bailey into space for this second installment in the series. Where Caves of Steel showed us the cramped, crowded, choked, technophobic conditions which Earth has reached, The Naked Sun takes us to one of the Spacer worlds where everyone has plenty of everything, most of all living space, and robots are omnipresent butlers and servants. The crime mystery going on in the background isn't quite that important, it's fairly obvious whodunit, but the beacon of hope that shines for an Earth threatened by the arrogant Spacers makes a powerful statement about what happens when people no longer have to struggle to survive.

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