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Reviews of War of Honor (2002)

Review by johnafair (2005-09-29)
In this book, David Weber is trying to show how, despite the basic desire for peace on both sides, you can still find yourself embroiled in a war that no one wanted. The fact that he makes out the government of Manticore as a bunch of powergrabbing corrupt fools and the Republic of Haven's Secretary of State as overly ambitious was just applying a sledgehammer to his plot.
If you are looking for the pure space adventure of the earlier books then you will be disappointed - the situation in Sillesia is the main focus of action for most of the book. A large part of the reason for this, in my opinion, is that Honor and her team have amassed such a mass of experience it's becoming difficult to see them in anything less than mass fleet actions which need a build up to be believable. Also, personally, I did rather like the background political situation :-).

Review by bkedryna (2003-04-30)
This book starts out heavy with politics, and the plot jumps around like crazy for a while. But things get steadily better towards the end. There are some new space battles, too. The ending isn't as good as it could be - I hope this means there are more books in the series coming up.
Overall this one is only slightly less than very good.

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