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Reviews of 1633 (2002)

Review by bkedryna (2005-02-20)
I didn't read 1632, so can't compare, but this book was pretty good. I learned a lot of history, the fun way. The only thing that makes it a little difficult to read is that there are at least 5 or more points of view, so the plot jumps a lot. 10 of them if you count the minor characters that only appear once or twice. But overall, it was pretty easy to read and interesting. I recommend it.

Review by Padrone (2003-04-18)
I liked the first book, 1632, which was a stand-alone book, but then someone decided to make a series out of it. This book, 1633, is the first of the rest of that series, and to me it wasn't as good, by far. Full of military soul-searching ("oh, how difficult it is to be a general and send young men to die, but it is, of course, necessary") and discussion about military and political organization.

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